Grasso Coffee started out as a project to create a coffee takeaway kiosk in 2012 offering a mixture of both local and “Ang Moh” style coffee in the heart of Simei Estate.

With the motto of “Cheap and good” we have expanded our range to include budget sandwiches so our customers can have a full breakfast with minimal spending.  


To provide cheap and good coffee and sandwiches coupled with great accessibility all across Singapore and Malaysia.


Grasso is “Fat” in Italian and the choice of this word is to simulate satisfaction.

The Grasso Coffee was started in 2012 selling only Coffee and Ice blends. After lots of changes and a pretty major renovation in 2013 we included sandwiches into our menu and deviated from a kiosk and into a café, though a very small café.

We opened a much bigger branch at [email protected] in 2014 to research and make more sandwich variety.

Due to inadequate space and poor traffic/rental bargain at Simei, we decided to close the outlet in 2015 when the lease finally ended and focus on Grasso Irving.

Now we are slowly incorporating more food items into our menu and will be going into the weekend brunch market soon.